{:tr}Hava yolu ile yüz ve göze temas edecek sıvı ve tükürük damlacıklarının sıçramasını engellemek için kullanılır. Sosyal mesafeyi korumaya uygundur. Sağlık çalışanları, eczaneler, market çalışanları, pazarcılar, fabrika işçileri ve yakın mesafeden korunmak isteyen herkes kullanabilir.{:}{:en}It complies with the Regulations of the Ministry of Health. Excellent barrier against dry particles and certain limited liquid chemical splashes, (CE Type 5/6) Laminated micro-porous material, 2-way zipper with wind flaps for additional opening and closing comfort and extra protection, Elastic cuffs, waist and wrists for better fit and freedom of movement.{:}

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It is used to prevent splashing of liquid and spit droplets that will contact the face and eyes by air. It is suitable for maintaining social distance. Healthcare workers, pharmacies, market workers, marketers, factory workers and anyone who wants to be protected from close range can use it.
It is made of soft, durable, breathable and water resistant fabric.
To increase protection against less dangerous chemicals and dusts; Two layers of laminated fabric around, a hood and a zipper that can be covered.
Flexible head for easy placement on face mask.
Elasticated ankle and foot seams to limit entry and exit and protect against fluid. In addition, a woven fabric bracelet is used on the wrist.
Border stitching technology to maximize protection, reduce pilling and stranding.
Usage areas:
These gowns; It is used to protect from less dangerous materials and to prevent contamination. It is produced to protect the less dangerous liquid wastes and simple toxins in the air that may splash on the person.
The product is category III and meets the standards for protective clothing against dust particles and certain liquid chemical splashes.
TYPE 5: EN 13982-1: 2004 + A1: 2010 TYPE 6: EN13034: 2005 + A1: 2009
Suitable for Protective Clothing Standards.
EN1149-1: 2006, EN 1149-5: 2008
The products are 100% Polypropylene, silicone-free and allergy-free.