AGL Medical provides services in the health sector with its medical products, which are produced with safe and most recent technology.

Our company, which has a young, dynamic and productive company structure, has determined the needs of the sector with its sales and marketing network with 21 years of sector experience and has aimed and succeeded in introducing quality, safe and economically competitive products to the market.

Our company, which always aims to serve with the understanding of being open to innovations and pioneering and also medical supplies are also needed by the sector, combined with high technology and quality produce in Turkey and aims to offer the market.

Since the first day of its establishment, our company has provided the best service to the sector through its own branded products by bringing together its young and dynamic management approach and experienced, educated and talented staff, and has become one of the leading companies in the sector by succeeding in becoming the rising star of the health sector.


In order to be a reliable company in the eyes of customers with its management structure open to change and with its seriousness and dignity, AGL GRUP not only with its economic power but also with its products and services in accordance with legal conditions and regulations;

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by realizing quality and timely delivery conditions in accordance with customer criteria,
  • We will increase our efficiency, production quality and market share by continuously improving its effectiveness, with our developing system,

It will make all our employees adopt the awareness of teamwork, increase their knowledge and skills through trainings, thus enabling them to contribute to continuous improvement activities.